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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 18, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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in... construction and good afternoon, i'm juliette goodrich. frank and my health have the day off. -- michelle have the day off. this just in, construction crews hit a gas line this morning in downtown san francisco forcing evacuations and street closures, it happened in the south of market
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area near third street and south park. kpix 5's mark kelly is there now where streets have finally reopened. mark? >> reporter: they are back to normal around here. that's the construction site right over my shoulder. pg&e trucks, they left here in about the last -- [ no audio ] >> all right, well that was mark kelly reporting and as we were saying that there was a gas line leak this morning. forcing evacuations. street closures in the south park near market area. and -- construction crews have cleared up the area and fortunately things are back to normal again. in the meantime, a neighborhood in alameda county is blocked off this noon after a sheriff's deputy fatally shot a man an armed man with a bat. kpix 5's cate caugurian reports authorities are familiar with the victim. they've been called to his home 19 times in the past few years. cate? >> reporter: juliette, we're
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hearing two different stories about what happened now in this home on pas grandse. you can take a look here. sheriffs say the man who lived in the house was hostile and attacked them and his family said no, he was a good man and paramedics and deputies were the ones who provoked him. no matter, the outcome is till the same. -- still the same. >> he was a good man. very good man. you know, he'd give you the shirt off his back. >> reporter: 26-year-old man didn't want to be an camera. this he says his -- he says his uncle, david goins was shot and killed by a sergeant and deputy. >> a 60-year-old stroke victim. i mean he had medical problems. i mean -- they didn't need to do that. >> reporter: his nephew knew his uncle wasn't is a saint. he got out of jail a few years ago for dui charges but despite that he said he was a good man. one that trained him to be a
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mechanic. >> there's nothing wrong with a taser or a rubber bullet. they didn't need to use deadly force. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says they had no choice. they responded to this home around 10:00 monday night after paramedics reported having a hostile medical call. they say a man assaulted paramedics and ran back inside the home. when the sergeant and deputies went inside the man came out swinging with the baseball hat. >> he violently attacks the sergeant and attempting to hit him again. and that's when the shots were fired. >> reporter: the shots killed him instantly. nearby neighbors are shocked this would happen here. >> i saw some action out there about 10:00 something but i went back in and i didn't think anything about it. saw flashing lights over there. >> it's such a good neighborhood. like the most deverbal neighborhood for people to bring their kids for trick-or- treating. >> reporter: this is 19th time they responded to the house in the past three years for
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various reasons. goins son richard says deputies were called here a lot because his father was an alcoholic but typically quote they know how to handle him because they been here in the -- they've been here in the past. the husband called 911 because he had a seizure. he left the ambulance when paramedics were rough with him so he could go back inside and have his wife take him to the hospital. still an ongoing investigation. reporting live in san lorenzo, cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> and the sergeant and deputy involved in the shooting had minor injuries and will be placed on administrative leave. we are learning new details about the two highway patrol officers killed in the accident. both 33-year-old juan gonzalez and 34-year-old brian law started their careers in the bay area. gonzalez in san jose, law in soak land. and -- oakland. and before dawn yesterday they were headed to a call of a crash on highway 99 just south of fresno when they swerved to avoid victims on the road. their cruiser hit a guardrail and a road sign and then
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flipped over. flags are being flown at half staff at the capitol. the governor says it's to honor their courage, commitment and service. law leaves behind a wife and three small children and friends say gonzalez was talking about getting married to his girlfriend. and you can share your thoughts on our facebook page. go to and click on the facebook icon. happening today, this afternoon a veteran san jose firefighter is due in court. he's accused of selling drugs and having sex with an underaged teen. kpix 5's kiet do has more on this man now facing criminal charges. >> reporter: in the 18 years that mario cuesta was with the san jose fire department, he became a popular and high- profile figure within the organization. that's why so many people who knew him are shocked and disappointed. we've also discovered some footage of him appears on a public access cable tv show back in 2011. the veteran firefighter talked with pride about his career and about how quickly his fellow
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firefighters accepted him when he came out as gay and how it strengthened the department's bond. >> the -- opportunity for personal satisfaction in making a difference. i love helping people. >> we are i think very hurt as an organization. that anyone in our organization would -- participate in something like that is frankly shocking and very disappointing. >> reporter: also every week he's saying at st. leo the great parish in san jose. the church said he cleared federal background checks before starting his volunteer work there in 2012. he was to begin a new role as an outreach officer. his court appearance is scheduled for later on today. kiet do, kpix 5. so far the roman catholic diocese of san jose for which cuesta volunteered has in the commented on the -- not commented on the arrest. one person died in a fire in bay point. flames were spotted at the house on mountain view avenue just after 9:00 this morning. fire crews realized there was a
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person trapped inside but were unable to save them. no other injuries and no word on a cause. and a fire has displaced 15 family members living in one house in east san jose. one of the residents says their grandmother spotted the flames in the home on othello avenue and got everyone out alive. only one of the family's two dogs didn't make it and no word yet on how the fire started. muni's new budget is getting its first public airing later today. the agency says it needs more than $915 million to operate for the fiscal year starting in july. now the plan includes monies for the central subway, new rail cars and expanding free rides for students. the elderly and disabled. and happening today, a change in the medal count at the olympics. right now the netherlands is on top with a total of 20. the united states and russia are close behind with 19 each. germany has the most gold
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medals with eight. some hockey fans from the host country are still upset about a crucial call by an american referee during a u.s. win over russia last weekend. andrea diaz on the call that has sparked public protests. [ people chanting ] >> reporter: crowd of russians chanted we are champions near the olympic park in sochi but others are feeling meeted -- cheated after the loss to tuts this weekend. shows dozens protesting near the u.s. embassy in moscow on monday. overs buckets of soap. and they shouted made soap out of the refs a common russian taunt at sporting events. an american referee who called off the russian goal was the net was dislodged from the ice. it would have given them the lead with less than five minutes left in the game. without it the tie game went into overtime before the u.s. won in a shootout. but some russian hockey fans
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here in sochi aren't convinced the referee's no goal against russia was a bad call. people always want to win this fan said. but i think it was a fair game. >> you bet money? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: even though they lost money, these fans are still showing sportsmanship. referees are people too he told me. they can make mistakes. brooklyn born russian kogin wasn't bothered by the call. >> i'm happy with the outcome regardless, whatever it may be, usa, russia i'm a fan of both. >> reporter: most people we spoke to brushed off the loss. confident russia will win gold in the end. adriana diaz, cbs news, sochi. >> the welcome home for gus kenworthy there to wait. he was supposed to return home yesterday but that was before he rescued four stray pups and their mother and he wants to adopt them now. but the paperwork will take a little bit longer.
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russia has a huge stray dog problem and the plan to kill thousands before the games drew international criticism. a credit card company says it will go to new extremes to reach you. what's outlined in the new policy that has customers crying foul. >> if gash damage day in space in what the crew has to do when the trash piles up. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. we are looking at a lot of clouds rolling in right now. maybe even a couple of rain drops later tonight. we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,
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all right, well, an up and down day on wall street after starting off in positive territory. the dow fell back and now is down by about well, 14, almost
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15 points right now. a major credit card company is revealing new terms it's creeping out some of its customers, capital one says we may contact you in any manner we choose by mail, telephone, e- mail, fox, recorded message, or yes a personal visit. a personal visit at your home or even at your job. can you imagine? one customer says he was horrified and the policy goes too far. >> we can knock on your door at home. they can visit you at work. and i said who gives them the right to do this? >> well, if that's not bad enough the company also has a way too suppress caller id so you don't know they're calling. a bumpy ride for some passengers flying from denver to billings, montana. the united 737 hit some severe turbulence and it was landing yesterday and people went flying. three crew members and two passengers were hurt and one
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attendant is still hospitalized. a baby reportedly flew out of its mother's arms but was not injured. please don't move. be relaxed and keep your hands on your head. the aircraft will be -- >> all right, so that's the announcement from police aboard a hijacked ethiopian jet liner yesterday. the first pictures of the scene inside the plane are now emerging. passengers were told to stay in their seats with their hands up after the plane's copilot turned hijacker landed in the jet in geneva. he may end up serving time instead. well, america's love affair with trucks is about to be tested this morning president obama unveiled tough new standards for fuel-efficiency. danielle nottingham reports the president used a california based company's fleet as a backdrop for the announcement. >> reporter: president obama is calling for new fuel-efficiency standards on medium and heavy trucks.
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he says improving the efficiency of the nation's trucking fleet won't just make the air cleaner, it will also improve consumers' bottom line. >> everything from flat screen tvs to diapers to produce to you name it, every mile that we gain in fuel-efficiency, is worth thousands of dollars of savings every year. >> reporter: the president visited a safeway distribution center outside washington to make the announcement. the supermarket chain has invested in a more aerodynamic and more efficient design for its fleet. >> the truck behind me was able to achieve a 75% improvement in fuel economy over the last year. >> reporter: heavy trucks not only have a gas guzzling reputation, their exhaust amounts no nearly a quarter of all transportation groan house gas emissions. the president is directing the environmental protection agency and the transportation department to draft new fuel- efficiency rules for the industry by next march.
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he also wants to give tax credits for companies to expand their use of clean energy vehicles. tuesday's announcement full littled a state -- fulfilled a state of the union pledge to take executive action wherever possible to address climate change and other issues. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> and today the american trucking association said it supports proposals to use less fuel but it added new rules should not force specific technologies on the market before they are fully tested. and apparently there's a trash day even in space. today the crew of the international space station loaded one of its capsules with garbage and cut it loose. the capsule called sickness is now falling back to earth. it's expected to burn up along with its contents and plunge harmlessly did you hear that into the pacific? it delivered 3,000 pounds of supplies to the space station last month and now its work is done. apparently it's now suitable for recycling. >> all right.
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>> they just don't throw it out there because it could be hit possibly by another aircraft. >> the real deal. >> we might have a little rain here. not going to be much but we could see a couple of scattered lisle showers throughout the bay area. out the door we go the clouds beginning to thicken up a little bit. the hi-def doppler radar scanning the skies showing you it's trial right now but i think later tonight at least a couple of light sprinkles. not going to be much if the cold front. live shot over san francisco the clouds beginning to gather somewhat. the temperatures not bad. 50s and low 60s. throughout the afternoon the clouds thicken up. but it's going to stay dry the better part of the day. and then tonight a slight chance of light sprinkles or light showers and then sunny and warm some spring-like conditions as we head in toward the weekend. your cold front coming our way not much energy with it going to fall apartimming through the area -- moving through the bay area. just some passing clouds for the most part and if you sleep in tomorrow you may miss it. chance of rain though in far northern california for today.
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62 yucaipa and 65 degrees in the sacramento valley. the storm system for you, here we go. the clouds rolling on for you and dry through the commute. here's the cold front, maybe just some leftover showers and then if you sleep in tomorrow morning you may miss the whole thing and sunshine in the afternoon. numbers today 64 degrees in san jose. 63 in redwood city. 62 hayward. the east bay temperatures up in the mid 60s and inside the bay the clouds continuing to roll in. 64 oakland and 61 in san francisco. sunset time tonight is 5:52. sunrise tomorrow at 6:54. looking out over the next couple of days, a few clouds flowing our way but not much in the way of rain drop. just a slight chance and then here comes the sun and you know what? by this weekend, some of the numbers likely going to move up into the low 70s as we head in towards saturday and sunday. >> nice, i'm not sleeping in tomorrow. i'm going to see the rain. >> you shouldn't get up. >> all right lawrence thanks. the powerball jackpot is ballooning again. what will all be lining up to win tomorrow -- what we'll all be lining up to win tomorrow.
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♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get 10% off all in-stock composite decking at lowe's. ♪ well, the powerball lottery jackpot is getting pretty big once again. the big prize for tomorrow evening's drawing an estimated $400 million. california is one of 43 states that take part in powerball
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which costs $2 per ticket. well, it's the latest trend in healthy eating, today stephanie tantillo shows you how to pick out fresh kale. >> hi everybody, today we're going to talk about swiss chard in particular we're going to talk about red swiss chard. the great thing about it is you can eat them all or cook them and it's always going to be absolutely magnificent. so let's talk about the selection in the stores, when you see it in the stores here's what you want to look for. first at the stems they should be the beautiful vivid red. when they start to decay they'll turn a bunnish color. -- brownish color. avoid that. all the way up like that and then inside the leaves they should have the beautiful red veins going through the straight leaves. they should feel firm and should squeak a little bit and when you bring them home store them in the fridge. if you put them in a plastic bag open it up so the leaves can breathe a little bit. eat them raw and they are incredibly durable. you roll them up like you would a lettuce wrap and put anything you want inside and you'll love
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it. and i'm stephanie tantillo with the tip of the day. san francisco's chamber of commerce city beat breakfast revealed some unusual news and issues actually facing the city. hundreds of business and civic leaders gathered in san francisco this morning. our own ken bastida was the master of ceremonies but look at the surprising statistics. a chamber poll found in the last year the number of people concerned with affordable rent jump from 4% to 20%. concerns about the cost of owning a home increased 14%. and those issues topped concerns of education, crime and jobs. >> the city of san francisco is absolutely booming right now. i counted yesterday coming into the city, 36 construction cranes. >> it's the first time in three years that the concern of housing affordability has topped the issue of homelessness. make a half court shot win ten gram right? why this young college student
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will no -- grand right? why this young college student will not be getting his prize. >> if you have a consumer question, call our hotline 888- 5-helps-u and volunteers are there right now. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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critters could be unleashing toxins into the bay -- at f the massive plan to kill squares and gophers, how the critters could be unleashing toxins into the bay can that's
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at 5:00. finally close but no cigar for a 10 grand prize. the freshman jack had 25 seconds to make a layup, a free- throw, a three pointer and a half court shot. he made the first three shots. no problem. but when he missed the half court, he tried again and he made it. but no deal. rules said only first shot counts. can you believe that? >> i can't believe that. >> you did that in high school back when. >> i won a computer. i hit a free-throw and a three pointer. and it was broken. >> and have a great day. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,
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